Dining Services

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the most popular activities in any community.  Meals offer a wonderful opportunity for residents to socialize with peers while enjoying dishes that are tasty and nutritious. Dining services directors and professional chefs work with registered dietitians to develop menus that are suitable for special diets and appeal to all tastes. 
Many CSM communities are now offering farm-to-table dining to offer dishes that are even fresher and healthier, while also supporting local farmers. 

Cost Effective Programs
• Food budget preparation with appropriate raw food and staffing costs to ensure a quality, cost-effective food program 
• Large-scale purchasing power which allows for competitive pricing and significant rebates 

Expertise in Special Dietary Needs
• Menu review to ensure nutritional content, dietary restrictions, presentation, and overall appeal 
• Specialized menu planning and staff training for nursing residents and those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias

Menu Planning and Presentation
• Individualized community food service programs to allow for creativity in meals and resident preferences (no mandatory corporate menu cycles) 
• Resident food committees provide feedback on new offerings and menu planning and allow residents to submit their own recipes for our teams to feature 
• Elegant special events, catering, and holiday meals to encourage residents to invite families and guests to the community