Admissions & Marketing

CSM offers comprehensive sales and marketing training and strategic planning to help your on-site team achieve maximum results. 
Our in-house experts are frequently collaborating with on-site teams to develop and elevate your community brand and communicate effectively with your key audiences.   

Organization and Metrics
• Standardized admissions process for new residents in accordance with licensing specifications 
• Development, implementation, and monitoring of an effective marketing plan for lead generation and census-building 
• Strategies to identify and collaborate with referral sources while measuring impact 
• Market research of competitor facilities and pricing 
• Oversight and analysis of key marketing measurements to optimize the effectiveness of marketing budgets and personnel 
• Assistance with on-site marketing staff recruitment and selection

Advertising and Branding
• Development of a complete marketing package including collateral materials, print communications, public relations plan, and web-based components 
• In-house graphic design services (print and digital advertising, flyers, social media graphics, and more) 
• Coordination of photo and video shoots 
• Copywriting for web content, press releases, and email communications 
• Quarterly review and analysis of advertising plans 
• Development and implementation of marketing communications processes to aid in the development of effective advertising to distinguish your community from the competition 

Training and Networking
• Marketing staff training including bi-annual marketing meetings 
• Opportunities to network and collaborate with teams at sister communities 
• Development and implementation of lead management processes and planning tools to enhance the performance of marketers