Mission and Guiding Philosophy

CSM is dedicated to the comfort, dignity, and peace of mind of all residents living in our communities.  We are committed to offering quality services to older adults at all incomes and levels of care. 
Our Guiding Principles 
Quality of Life: we strive to enhance the lives of residents by supporting resident wellness and promoting enjoyment in everyday life.  We believe every resident deserves to live in an environment that looks and feels like home, and to be provided with opportunities for purposeful engagement to live a full and meaningful life. 

• Dignity and Respect: all team members are trained to provide care and services in a way that shows value to the individual. 

Fostering Connection: we strive for positive relationships among residents, families, volunteers, team members, and the greater community. 

Stewarding Resources: we are committed to fiscal responsibility and accountability to owners and to provide a valuable, quality service to residents.